Logistics | ARRCRAIB

Comprehensive and inclusive range of logistics services

  • ARR Craib Transport Ltd operates and provides across a comprehensive and inclusive range of logistics services.
  • We have our own vehicles. Our own trailers. Our own premises. Our own warehouses.
  • Plus...our own staff and our own IT solutions.
  • Many companies claim to be ‘logistics’ companies – but most are simple third parties hiring in the equipment and the services. As much as possible, we do it ourselves, to our high standards. We are not dependent upon third parties to deliver our services.
  • If specialised services are required we have an approved group of sub contractors or agents whom we work with – often on a reciprocal basis – ensuring a symbiotic relationship. Nothing is left to chance.
  • When ARR Craib Transport Ltd handle your consignment, we take responsibility and we are in control.
  • So whether it be a 1kg shipment to Bedford or moving a pipe 5 - miles to a contract expediting, collecting, storing and redistributing 500,000 pallets a year worldwide – you know that ARRC are in control and doing the job for you – safely, economically and on time.