Corporate Responsibility | ARRCRAIB

Corporate Responsibility

At ARR Craib Transport Ltd. we are very aware of our responsibilities. This falls within several headings:-

Health & Safety

The company places paramount importance on health & safety, employing staff who’s primary responsibility to ensure that we operate safely. We continually monitor practises to assess scope for improvement, and invest heavily in technology and training to maintain high standards of safety at all times.


We have a strong focus and culture of complying with the laws of the country, including complying with our legal undertakings to adhere to and promote adherence to driver’s hours regulations, maintenance and working time directive regulations.


A paramount goal is that we do not injure people or property, either knowingly, unknowingly or unwittingly by our actions.


We pay our bills, our suppliers and our taxes promptly. We will also ensure that all financial reports and accounts are factual and open.


We will not bribe nor accept bribes, nor will we solicit or encourage the solicitation of business by entertainment or gifts. We will entertain customers, or accept entertainment from suppliers purely and simply with the aim of strengthening relationships and understanding.


Our business is by its very nature a polluter of our planet. However, it is also a vital activity. Within all areas of our activity and business we have undertaken to minimise pollution by utilising the least polluting vehicles possible, maintaining them to highest standards and by minimising waste through excessive or wasted mileage. We will also train and coach our drivers to be fuel efficient. Our environmental impact will also be considered in all purchases be that from vehicles, to washing chemicals, or workshop or office supplies. Recycling or the safe disposal of waste is a given.


ARR Craib Transport Ltd. owes (in part) it’s success to the goodwill and help of our customers, the community and the public. We have committed to working with the local community through various enterprises and ventures, and offering assistance and practical help where possible, especially to those less privileged.