Technology | ARRCRAIB

Ensuring our customers’ demands are met

The Company works closely with technology suppliers to develop solutions which will benefit the operation and enhance its service offering to customers. We have invested heavily in technology such as digital signature capture, track & trace / online POD retrieval, email invoicing, electronic data interchange and vehicle telematics and tracking.

Digital Signature Capture

Vehicles operating in our Distance and Palletline fleets are equipped with a handheld PDA which allows traffic operators to send load details directly to the driver, without the need to communicate instructions over the telephone, thus saving time and reduce scope for error.

Customisable software ensures all required information in relation to collections and deliveries is obtained by the driver and transmitted back to the office, ensuring traffic operators are fully aware of progress at every stage.

Operators and customers have immediate visibility once deliveries are complete, and can see who signed for the goods and when.

Track & Trace

Customers can be given access to our track & trace facility which operates in conjunction with our Digital Signature Capture solution.

As collections and deliveries progress status updates are visible in real time.

As soon as deliveries are complete customers are able to see who signed for the goods, and when.

Customers’ own paperwork is scanned on return to the office and uploaded to the web, and can also be retrieved via the Track & Trace system.

Online Pod Retrieval

All customer paperwork is scanned on return to the office and uploaded to the web, from where it can be accessed for download, print, or email purposes.

Email Invoicing

ARR Craib Transport Ltd has the facility to email invoices to customers, attaching the relevant scanned paperwork automatically.

This reduces use of paper and envelopes and reinforces our commitment to the environment.


The company operates two way EDI (electronic data interchange) transfers with many customers, reducing data input time at both ends, accelerating access to key information, and reducing scope for error.


ARR Craib Transport Ltd have invested heavily in a vehicle telematics and tracking system which allows us to monitor vehicle and driver performance, as well as location.

Performance monitoring enables the Company to maximise the efficiency of vehicles to reduce CO2 emissions and impact on the environment.

The facility to locate a vehicle at any time provides greater security for drivers and their loads, whilst also assist with effective planning and routing.