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Health & Safety

ARR Craib Transport Ltd takes its HSE responsibilities very seriously, and has been at the forefront of improving health & safety within the haulage industry since its inception, investing heavily in accident prevention techniques and training, and pioneering improvements to standards of load security, manual handling and haulage operations.

The Company employs a Safety Manager and a Safety Coach who continuously monitor our vehicles and operations, and are always on hand to offer advice or assistance. We operate a number of systems to openly promote safety at work, including newsletters, poster campaigns, toolbox talks, and a Stop the Job initiative when any employee feels that safety may be compromised. Accidents, though rare, are fully investigated and signed off by senior staff, with corrective actions being raised where appropriate to prevent any recurrence.

Our standards are invariably above the statutory requirements, and we are always looking at ways to improve standards even further, working closely with customers and drivers to ensure safety is always paramount.


ARR Craib Transport Ltd was the first transport company in Scotland to implement a detailed driver induction programme and to produce a Driver’s Safety Handbook, which have since been copied and adopted elsewhere.

Safety track record and safety improvements are integral to our asset purchasing processes, ensuring accident rates are reduced through adoption of the latest technology and developments.