Giving a little back | ARRCRAIB

Our very own ARR Craib employees, Leon Smith, David Ives and Ian Mackie (ECT chairman) were proud and delighted to participate again in the Annual East Coast Trucker world famous children’s charity. 
Travelling in one of our trucks on Sunday 26th August 2018, they joined more than 80 trucks that set off on their annual charity journey across parts Norfolk and Suffolk. 
Each truck carried a disabled or disadvantaged youngster who enjoyed an afternoon of fun at Pleasurewood Hills as well enjoying the spectacle of thousands of well-wishers waving to them from various vantage points.
The convoy is an amazing sight - photos do not do this event justice!  For the organisers and the small army of truckers it is also an emotional affair when they witness children’s faces light up during the day as they become the centre of attention. 
Ian Mackie, chairman of the East Coast Truckers, said: “When you see the smiles on the children’s faces it does bring a lump to your throat and it shows it has all been worthwhile.  “We have some big and strong truckers and they do get emotional during the day.”
It seems it is this feeling of helping others that continues to drive on the charity and the truckers every year and we are very proud of Leon, David and Ian for taking time out of their busy life to give a little back.