COVID-19 Landing Page | ARRCRAIB

Our approach to managing the risk of COVID-19
We have taken appropriate measures at all of our sites in line with Government guidance to keep our customers, suppliers and employees safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. We have taken the following specific actions:   
Communication and oversight
Our Group Emergency Response Committee meets frequently to evaluate the situation and react as guidance and information is released from the Government.  
All relevant information made available by the Government through their website is shared with site management to disseminate throughout their teams.
Employees are provided with information, instruction and training through newsletters, individual letters, toolbox talks and posters so they are aware of the measures put in place, their own responsibilities and how to report any concerns or suggestions for further improvements.
Employees are provided with information and instruction on how to report that they have COVID-19 symptoms and of the importance not to attend work if they – or a member of their household – display symptoms.
Cleaning and PPE
Hand washing facilities are available to all people who use our sites, both employees and visitors alike, and regular checks are made to ensure soap and hand drying facilities are kept well stocked.
Cleaning regimes have been enhanced and frequency of cleaning has been increased with particular attention given to ‘touch points’ such as door handles in line with the “Local requirements for cleaning to protect from COVID-19” document.
Where possible, doors are kept open to reduce the requirement for individuals to touch surfaces and handles. 
Anti-bacterial wipes and/or appropriate cleaning materials are available for wiping down contact points on shared equipment, including forklifts, MHE, vehicles and computer/office equipment.  Measures are in place to ensure this cleaning is carried out at shift changes as an absolute minimum.
Hand sanitiser has been provided to employees to use as required.
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is available for our employees including disposable gloves and face masks. The latter are available for employees to wear when they feel it is appropriate.
Social Distancing
Visitors, contractors and the public are only permitted on site if it is for an essential reason; all other visits, meetings and contract work are postponed until further notice.
Employees able to work from home have been provided with equipment, advice and guidance to facilitate this. Management maintain regular communication with them to ensure wellbeing and ongoing support.
Social distancing is observed and measures put in place to enable personnel to maintain at least 2 metres between themselves and other people wherever this is possible.
Double manning of vehicles is avoided unless absolutely essential, in which case appropriate measures are put in place to minimise risk.
Workstations have been moved further apart to facilitate social distancing, and removing the need for people to work opposite each other as per Government guidance. Protective screens are in place where required throughout offices and warehouses to increase protection for employees.
One way pedestrian routes have been established on sites wherever this is possible to reduce the likelihood people will need to pass each other in corridors or on marked / barrier protected walkways.
Floor markings are in position to assist with ensuring social distancing is in place in pedestrian areas and warehouses wherever this is considered a requirement to ensure adherence.
Visiting drivers, wherever practicable, are asked to remain in their vehicle during loading and unloading to maintain social distancing (they are informed that they are welcome to use welfare facilities to wash hands etc. if requested).
Canteen facilities have been adapted – including the removal of tables and chairs – to facilitate social distancing and discourage personnel remaining on the site or touching surfaces unnecessarily.
Posters have been put up stating the maximum number of people allowed in offices, meeting rooms and shared areas to facilitate social distancing.
All Group sites have been centrally audited to confirm they have appropriate measures in place and local site audits are being performed in order to ensure continued compliance is maintained and risk is managed and mitigated appropriately.
Our central audit team have controlled the issuing of ‘COVID-19 Secure’ certificates.