Managing Director’s Pledge | ARRCRAIB

A pledge from our Managing Director

“When George Craib and I launched the Company in 1985 we had no turnover or profit targets, nor did we have aspirations to be ‘the biggest’. What we had was a shared goal ... to be ‘the best’

In retrospect, what I believe we meant as ‘the best’ was to be different in a positive and proactive fashion. In the mid 80’s our competitors offered the same as each other – basically hiring out a truck and driver. We had to get the basics right and committed annually to an aggressive purchasing policy to ensure the trucks and trailers were the best and youngest fleet we could commercially afford. We also committed to maintaining the fleet to highest standards, giving our customers surety of service. These actions served well, but we felt that the transport industry in general (and most of our competitors) were by and large not moving forward or well aligned to many other areas of industry. In the ensuing years we deliberately set out to differentiate ourselves from the competition. This involved a far greater focus on improving our health and safety performance and setting ourselves hard targets, improving our administration and aligning our systems to our customers – making the relationship more harmonious, being proactive about customer complaints and learning from our mistakes.

Eddie Anderson, Managing Director